How does this work?
4 Simple Steps to being Better Every Day

1. Schedule your consultation

2. Attend your First Visit assessment

3. Follow up Visits/Treatment

4. Bring your growth into daily life & return to the things you love

What should I do before my first visit?

-Complete all intake forms

-Bring clothes you can exercise in

-Bring all medical imaging and reports pertaining to your condition

What happens on the first visit?

First Visit consists of a consultation and physical examination. The consultation will include, but is not limited to, your current and past medical history, your goals, and your current activity levels and hobbies.

After this discussion, your doctor will take you through detailed physical exams that are specific to your case. Expect a head to toe evaluation.

If your history or physical exam warrants it, X-rays, MRI or CT scans will be ordered.

What is treatment like?

At SSS, treatment is always one-on-one directly with your physician. With Dr. Mike as the sole physician, he is directing your entire journey of recovery. The common services used in our clinic are joint manipulation, manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and acupuncture. 

While all patients are treated individually, we follow a three-phase plan for all patients. Phase 1 includes reducing or abolishing symptoms. Phase 2 is correcting the reason the symptoms came to be. Phase 3 is integrating the corrected root cause into your daily activities and real life.

Do you only treat back or neck pain?
At SSS, we treat more than just the spine. We are trained in treating all joints and many different conditions. If you are not sure whether we treat a specific condition, please call and we would be happy to discuss it with you.
Do you take my insurance?
SSS is currently out-of-network, but is in the process of becoming in-network with several insurance providers. We will update our site to reflect these changes as they come.
Can I use my Health Savings Account or Flex Card?
Yes! If your HSA requires a superbill or itemized receipt, please let us know and we will provide it to you.